Olah Inc. helps companies develop their fiber, textile and apparel sales in the USA. We specialize in helping companies maximize and refine their Marketing, Product Development, Technical Production and Supply Chain Management.

Financial Consultation

Advice is also available to companies in the financial community who need information from inside the jeans and casualwear industry.


Denim College may be attended in two ways:

1.  We come to you or invite you to our offices. Our in-person courses, which can be tailored to fit a brand or retailer’s needs or to address a team’s specific area of interest

2. On demand. Denim College On Demand consists of 5 stand-alone videos ranging from Yarn Manufacturing and Indigo Dyeing to Beaming & Slashing, Weaving and Finishing. Buy all 5 or touch up on specific topics.


Olah Inc. offers an advanced education resource to improve design and sourcing professionals’ practical understanding of denim, fiber, wet and dry processing, yarns and weaving, quality control, cost analysis and product development.

The purpose of Denim College is to positively impact a brand’s buying, design and merchandising decisions.

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